A river runs through it : December

‎Le lundi‎ ‎4‎ ‎décembre‎ ‎2017 ‎:
Dear Guillaume,
The cruise and the buffet were outstanding. I collected only super-positive returns by all the attendees, everyone was delighted by the boat, by your personnel and by the food. The hosting has been fantastic as far as the service, Sonia is an excellent householder indeed. The food was delightful and portions very generous. The schedule perfectly complied.
Many thanks also for your suggestion for the Magician Yann, he has been gorgeous and well appreciated not only by the children….
So many thanks to all of you and be sure that we’ll promote your company all over our colleagues and friends and you will be taken into account for possible next events.
Please forward my special and heartfelt thanks to the Chef, to Sonia and Nathalie.
Best wishes.
A bien tot!!!